Leopards and spots.

Ali D in da Big House

I sometimes wonder if it’s there are suit-friendly laws that are encouraging it or if it’s possible to actually become addicted to playing the race card. If it is possible then surely Ali “Is It Coz I Iz Black?”* Dizaei should be checked because he’s at it again.

Disgraced police chief Ali Dizaei plans to sue the prison service for failing to protect him from a brawl in which he allegedly attacked another cellmate.

Wait, what? He’s suing the prison service for not protecting him from a fight he initiated?


The corrupt former Metropolitan Police commander is demanding damages from prison authorities – even though he is being investigated by police for allegedly assaulting another inmate.
The 47-year-old, who is serving a four-year sentence for misconduct in a public office and perverting the course of justice, is accused of lashing out after a family photograph in his cell was apparently defaced by a cellmate.

He claims that he was the victim of a racist attack. And he has complained about a spate of racist and violent abuse by his assailant, saying not enough has been done to protect him.
He claims the inmate made threats to his wife and children in June, culminating in a heated row last Sunday when the prisoner allegedly attacked him.
The fight at HMP Prescoed, an open prison in south Wales left both prisoners with minor injuries.

Gwent Police are investigating after both men blamed each other. Dizaei’s lawyers claim he was taken to hospital following the assault, which is denied by prison officials.

Odd. Shouldn’t be difficult to prove one way or the other so it sounds like one side or other is being very stupid.

The former officer, who has been attacked a number of times in prison…

There’s a shock. Were they all racially motivated too? Or were some because he was a new prisoner or a bent copper? With multiple reasons – not, I should emphasise, justifications – for hitting him it’s hard to say which, if any, were racially motivated or why the racial ones are somehow more worthy of reparation than if someone just thought he was a prick who deserved a shoeing.

… has now been moved to another jail for his own safety. But his possessions, including clothes and photographs of his wife and children, were smeared in excrement before he arrived at his new cell, it is claimed.

I’m prepared to believe he’s been on the receiving end of racist abuse, though being both a Muslim and a bent copper I do wonder if he’d choose to view any pig related remarks to be racist (even though Islam isn’t a race) even if they were meant to refer to his old job. Prisons are unlikely to be full of nice race-aware Guardian reading types who’ll pick over their words with extreme care so as not to cause offence so it’d be surprising if someone hasn’t called him names and resorted to his ancestry in the process. But sticks and stones, Ali, sticks and stones. Yes, smearing crap over your possessions and in particular your  photographs was completely out of order, but the actual motivation for it might simply be that the person involved thinks of you as an unbearable cunt or hates police officers – yes, I know, cop haters in prison, of all places. Look, the prison authorities should certainly investigate it and, if possible, punish the person responsible, but they should do that anyway. It’s not necessarily race related and it certainly isn’t racist of the prison staff to allow the other to put his face in the way of your fists. I’d call that a personal self control problem of yours rather than a racism problem of theirs.

* Since he’s Iranian born and therefore, I presume, ethnically Aryan (oh, the irony) whatever “it” is because of it certainly isn’t because he’s black. I’ve never quite got how not being ethnically British qualified him to be President of the National Black Police Association, but since they’re careful to point out that they are all inclusive and have no colour bar on membership presumably we can expect a white police officer to lead it at some stage, right?

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