Picture fail of the day.

Yesterday I mentioned the Dumb and Dumberer story of the two guys in rural Victoria shooting each other with an airgun to see if it would hurt. Today I see that The Telegraph have got the story with a nice big picture, presumably to show us what an air rifle looks like.

Yep. That’s an air rifle all right, I’d recognise one anywhere.


I’ll tell you something for nothing, if they were insane enough to try shooting each other with one of those they would not have waited a day and a half to go to the fucking hospital and I think it’s pretty unlikely that they’d have taken it in turns. Just imagine how it would go.

“Right, you go first…”
“Holy shit, mate, are you okay?”
“Tell you what, I’ll just go and call the ambos.”

How the hell is it possible to have used a picture of a side-by-side shottie for a story involving an air rifle? For heaven’s sake, surely you don’t need an awful lot of knowledge about guns to be able to tell the difference? I could understand someone who doesn’t know much mistaking a .177 or .22 rimfire rifle for an air rifle, but a shotgun? A quite clearly double barrelled shotgun? How much knowledge do you need to not have to fuck that up?

Or is it just a case of “meh, it’s some sort of gun, it’ll do”?


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