Arse about face.

Via JuliaM I see that between all the stories about bikini clad slebs, slebs at some do or other, slebs getting together with other slebs, slebs splitting up from other slebs and so on The Daily Mail have managed to include some actual items of news, one of which is that the world’s about to end. And among the predictable doom of that article was this utter gem of the journalistic art.

[Professor Fenner] was also heavily involved in helping to control Australia’s myxomatosis problem in rabbits.

I suspect that either the nonagenarian professor has lost his marbles or, and I feel this might be the more likely of the two, the Fail’s reporter never had many to begin with. This statement is about as wrong as it’s possible to get. Far from Australia having a myxomatosis problem in rabbits it had, and still has, a rabbit problem that it once tried to tackle with myxomatosis. I remember being told that at school years before I ever considered visiting Oz, much less moving here. Professor Fenner was indeed involved in what was basically bio war on bunnies, which depending on your source killed between 80 and 95% of Thumper’s little friends Down Under, but how the hell the Fail managed to misinterpret bunny-genocide using the myx as controlling the myx “problem” in the rabbits I don’t know. I do know that you can’t blame their source as the article says that Professor Fenner was interviewed by The Australian, and when I checked their article the nearest sentence I found to what appeared in the Fail was this:

And his work on the myxoma virus suppressed wild rabbit populations on farming land in southeastern Australia in the early 1950s.

Well done, Daily Mail. Even by your standards getting something 180˚ arse about face is quite an achievement.


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