Oh, I’m so going to hell for laughing about this.

A GERMAN teacher is suing a student for teasing her about an alleged phobia of rabbits and drawing one on her blackboard.

The teacher, named only as Marion V, fled in tears when she saw the chalk drawing at a school in the northern German town of Vechta, De Spiegel reported.

Her 16-year-old tormentor had told classmates that Marion V. was terrified of rabbits and would “flip out” is she saw one, according to court documents.

The victim, who teaches German and geography, has refused to say whether she is afraid of the animals but is suing the youngster for defamation and for “infringing her rights.”

Oh, the poor thing. I’d suggest she treats herself to a holiday Down Under but of course we’ve got something like half a billion of the things, so it’d probably be a case of Where The Bloody Hell Did You Go? So probably she should stay home, relax and put a DVD on to cheer herself up. Something to give her a chuckle. Some Father Ted maybe.

Or maybe not.

But piss taking aside I do actually have a point here. I don’t particularly have a problem with one person suing another if there’s some actual harm done but is this really defamation?

“The plaintiff, a teacher, teaches the accused pupil at a high school in Vechta and claims the pupil drew rabbits on the blackboard of the classroom and told fellow pupils the teacher was afraid of rabbits and ‘flips out’ when she sees a rabbit,” a court document said.

“The teacher demands that the accused refrains in future from drawing rabbits on the blackboard and claiming that she, the teacher, is afraid of rabbits and flips out at the sight of them.”

Oh, come on. It’s hardly like saying you stab the bunnywunnies in the eyes with red hot knitting needles and then cook them alive for your dinner. There’s also the point that something prompted you to leave the classroom in tears, which, if it was the rabbitness of the rabbit rather than the realisation that you were being teased, leaves the defamation point up for debate. As to the infringement of rights, it’s far from clear what ‘rights’ are being infringed. The right to not see rabbits or even just crappy drawings of rabbits?

Ooops, sorry.

The right not to be frightened? The right not to be offended or upset? Y’know, I’m guessing that we might be getting warm, and as it says up there on the left, there’s no right to not be offended. There can’t be, because I for one would be offended if anyone tried to enshrine such a right. It was a sixteen year old kid., okay?

And now the serious bit’s over I can go back to the giggles.

Kim’s mother told reporters: “The teacher didn’t talk to me before she filed the complaint.

“My daughter has had rabbit stress all year because of this.”

Oh, not her as well. Rabbit stress? Pppffffffttt.

Harden the fuck up, the pair of you.

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