Tree stuck up Britney Spears…

… or just evidence of drug use at The Telegraph.

Possibly they’ve just stuffed up and included an unrelated picture, but possibly Britney was indeed safely rescued by being shot with a dart gun. To be honest part of me wishes it was the latter just because The Daily Mash would almost certainly go one better than they did with “Britney To Be Frozen Until Pop Standards Collapse“.

Incidentally, this was going to be a sensible blog about legalised prostitution touching on the murders in Bradford and also wondering why a St Kilda brothel is being prevented from advertising its services in the way it wishes, but due to a temporary inability to cut and paste without fucking it up I lost what I’d written. And since it’s Friday evening and also since this is my 999th post I decided that being sensible could go piss and I’ll do it again (along with other sensible stuff, much of it overdue) at the weekend instead.


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