What’s wrong with this picture?

This bloke can stay in the UK despite being, or so we’re told, an Al-Qaeda “operative”.* Apparently this is because he might be tortured if he’s deported back to Pakistan, and is a decision defended by the Younger Twin. However, this gay woman has been refused asylum and certainly can be deported back to Iran, where they are renowned for their understanding and tolerant attitude towards homosexuals. Oh, wait, no… that should read “where they deny the existence of homosexuality while simultaneously flogging – executing, if they keep at it – anyone found guilty of being gay”.

[Kiana Firouz] came to Britain two years ago as a student, but while she was here the Iranian intelligence services discovered footage of a documentary that she had been making secretly about homosexuals in Tehran. The Home Office rejected her asylum appeal on the ground that she could conceal her homosexuality if she went home, and that ruling was been upheld by two appeals tribunals this year.

Did the Home Office fucknuts not consider that since the Iranian intelligence services know her identity they almost certainly know she’s a lesbian too? What fucking use is there in concealing her sexuality now? Why isn’t the same logic (hah!) applied to Abid Naseer and others suspected of being terrorist operatives? Anyone telling them simply to conceal any desires they have to blow up Manchester shopping centres?


Thought not.

“The UK Border Agency only enforces the return of individuals when we and the independent courts are satisfied they’re not in need of protection,” the Home Office said.

So Naseer and his mates need such protection but Kiana Firouz does not, despite being gay, playing a gay character in a film and making a secret documentary – and let’s face it, she probably wasn’t being secretive about it so as not to spoil the fucking surprise – about people the Iranian President says are non-existent?**

The Younger Twin said of the Naseer case:

“We, like any other civilised nation, abide by the very highest standards of human rights.”

Very admirable of you, Nick. But unless you think that doesn’t apply to dykes and poofs, and in fairness I very much doubt you do, why not say the same for Kiana Firouk? Why the silence, Nick?

I can only hope he’s simply not gotten round to it yet, because watching someone sent off to where they’re likely to be flogged or executed for being gay and telling them simply to hide it at the same time as claiming to be a civilised nation who won’t send terrorist suspects where they may be tortured is either deeply hypocritical or breathtakingly naïve.

* Not actually charged with anything, though a judge is apparently satisfied that he’s a threat. Personally I don’t pretend to know how a judge can say that without there being anything so tedious as a trial. Make of it what you will.
** When they’re not being publicly whipped for possession of more than one CD of show tunes, that is.

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