Olympic mascots…. are you serious?

Not that we needed much more evidence that the London Olympics are likely to be a shining example of pissing away truckloads of money on 24 carat wank, and at a time when the UK really hasn’t got the spare cash having spent much of the past decade pissing away truckloads of money on qyite different 24 carat wank, but to really drive message home we have Wenlock and Mandeville.

A couple of weird looking one eyed monstrosities – far, far weirder than the one that just left Downing Street – and possibly based on on what someone on acid thought a Cyberman’s cock looks like. Yeah, great mascots, fellas. Dear God, please tell me nobody put their hands in their pockets, or more likely the taxpayers’ pockets, for this. No, surely nobody would… oh, what am I even saying? Of course they paid for it, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the fucktoons who approved it really believed it was worth £400,000. Yep, four hundred grand! As far as I’m concerned the only excuse for spending so much on such total tat is if the people saying they liked it were getting blow jobs at the time, and given the choice of the Olympic logo I think that’s entirely possible.

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