The Aussie’s preferred result.

The UK election result preferred by Australians, according to The Age and it’s online poll, is… well, a little surprising in this particularly lefty state (so they tell me) in this currently lefty country (again, so they tell me).

Now we shouldn’t read too much into it as it’s barely 8 in the morning and only 131 people had answered when I screencapped it. Also, like the pasta book, it seems The Age is really a newspaper for cannibals if this story on a losing Masterchef contestant is anything to go by, so you’d think the readership might not have much interest in British politics except how ex-Prime Mentalists should be served.*
Or perhaps there are more expats here who still give enough of a shit about the UK to follow what goes on there.

* With a fruity red and served on a bed of failed ideals.


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