Labial Conocrats again.

A couple of days ago I mentioned the new webshite that the Liberal Democrats Labial Conocrats have set up to attack the other two parties for their mainstreaminess (was not a word, but is now) and contemptible similarity, and that I was slightly surprised when a comment I left there taking the piss actually passed moderation.

Since I’ve had a pop at their party wing of The Party in the past for being liberal by name and illiberal by nature this came as something of a surprise. Okay, I thought. Maybe what I said left some wiggle room and came across as actually agreeing with them and supporting the Labial Conocrats without pointing out that the obvious flaw in their reasoning. So I left this comment and waited to see if they’d put that up or not.

Again, to their credit and my surprise that did eventually make it through moderation and get posted. As I said two days ago, looks like there’s an element of creeping liberalness invading there, and if so it’s pretty welcome.

Still, it doesn’t take away from the basic oversight that the LibDims having a pop at Labour and the Tories for being alike and/or mainstream choices is a bit pot and kettle of them, especially as all three are currently engaged in trying to out-fair each other. Thus, from the labour webshite we have this ‘future fair for all’ guff:

While from the Tories we have an even more prolific use of the F-word (all Osbourne but I seem to recall DING saying the same sort of thing).

But streets ahead in this game are – drumroll, please – the Liberal Democrats, whose main webshite goes overboard on the whole ‘fair’ thing as shown by this short video (apologies for the crap quality at the start but it really doesn’t matter).

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Actually, who gives a rip – it’s not like any of them are remotely believable, and since they’re all saying the same shit it’s not like there’s much reason to choose any of the three over the other. They truly are all Labial Conocrats.

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