Australia Day part 2.

The barbied lamb chops are fine, and if I was in Sydney I might be persuaded to go along to the harbour and watch the ferry racing* …

… but I’d draw the line at Vegemite wrestling.

I don’t know, someone leaves his normal breakfast portion of Vegie in a paddling pool for a few minutes in jumps a pair of pneumatically breasted girls. I call it bloody inconsiderate! The poor bugger’s got to put that on his toast after you two have been sweating in it. On the other hand it might be better than mixing it with cream cheese.

Weird place this sometimes. Good. But also weird.

Normal anger levels will resume in due course.

* Mrs Exile expresses some surprise that the Sydney ferry racing hasn’t been banned for some tedious reason tenuously connected with either elfin safety or warble gloaming or both. I’m not shy in criticising my new home when I feel it’s deserved so it’s only fair to say that I’m delighted something as stupid and pointless and, most importantly, fun as this is still going on. Now if I can just get somewhere with my idea for the annual Melbourne Tram Time Trials we’ll have something just as daft here.

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