Things I still don’t get about Australia – No. 14

Ladies and gentlemen, marvel at the sheer genius that is the Magic Salad Plate.

Now how come a country that venerates pies to the point of producing poetry* about them and can do such a great piss take (they really made the plates by the way) can’t tell the pie hating health nazis to (a) fuck off and (b) that they’re all going to die anyway.

* Such as this by Barry Humphries:

I think that I shall never spy
A poem lovely as a pie,
A banquet in a single course
Blushing with rich tomato sauce.
A pie whose crust is oven-kissed
Whose gravy scalds the eater’s wrist.
The pastie and the sausage roll
Have not thy brown mysterious soul;
The dark-hued Aborigine
Is less indigenous than thee.
Like Phillip Adams rich and chubby,
Tasteful as Patrick White,
With an ice-cold Carlton stubbie,
You’re the Great Australian Bite.

Nice one, Barry. Managed to work beer into it as well.


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