Is it just your country that’s stupid?

No, probably not. It looks like the whole anglosphere is going down with a case of galloping fuckwittery. I’ve just read

Cub Scout, 6, Suspended for “Weapon”.

Well, this is a story from America so let’s consider what it could be. Hmmmm. Revolver or semi-auto, you reckon? At six he’s still a little fella so you’d be forgiven for thinking something in 9mm at the most… but then there’s this kid with the .45, isn’t there? And of course it might be an adult’s that he’s taken from home or something, and with these tooled up septics you just have no idea what they could be packing. Did he sneak his mum’s Glockia out of her handbag?



Well, the quote marks around the word ‘weapon’ are relevant because it’s not a gun. Perhaps you’re now thinking of that bit in Pulp Fiction where Bruce Willis is looking around the shop – hammer, baseball bat, chainsaw, samurai sword. Well, getting a little warmer, but still a way off I’m afraid. What this little boy has been suspended for is…

camp cutlery.

A 6-year-old Cub Scout recently suspended from school after bringing a camping utensil to the lunchroom made it clear he was not happy with the Delaware school district’s decision.

“I think it’s very wrong. It’s not fair at all,” Zachary Christie of Newark, Del. told CBS’ “The Early Show.”

“It’s not fair for anybody,” he said.

Zachary’s excitement over joining the Cub Scouts may just land him in reform school for 45 days.

Zachary was suspended from his 1st grade class in Delaware’s Christina School District after bringing a camping utensil – a combination knife/fork/spoon – to use at lunch, prompting calls to reexamine schools’ zero-tolerance policy for bringing weapons to school.

Asked why he brought it to school, Zachary said he just wanted to eat lunch with the tool. “It’s just a cool camping utensil,” he said.

There has been a move to give school officials more flexibility in “weapon”-related incidents. After a third-grade girl was expelled for a year after bringing in a knife to cut the birthday cake her grandmother sent in to the class, a new law was passed allowing officials to modify punishments on a case-by-case basis. But that was for expulsions, not suspensions as Zachary is faced with. Another revision to the law is being drafted to address suspensions, according to the report.

For now, Zachary will be taught at home, which he says he likes, but misses his friends at school.

“I don’t think the punishment should be this bad.”

For fuck’s sake, a six year old could do more damage to a classmate by belting him with a rock. And what the hell are they giving them to eat lunch with, paper cutlery? Never mind putting up a wall at the Mexican border, why don’t they just surround the whole country with cotton wool?

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