>Times poll.

>Has Britain become a surveillance society? 96% think so. I wonder why that is.

UPDATE: Massively out doing the Chinese at it too and, not to put too fine a point on it, the very idea would probably have given Erich Honecker such a hard on that the bastard’s bell end would have invaded West Germany on it’s own.

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  1. >Yep, we're watched every where we go. But if you want to take a peek at life in the U.K. you will be hard pushed to find any decent, publicly accessible, webcams – I've tried! However if I want look at former Iron Curtain countries there are loads of them, and some are very high quality as well. They also seem to show a huge disparity in the infrastructure and way of life. This place has really become a s**thole, I'm afraid.

  2. >Mmm, yeah. As annoying as the Australian government is (see various posts with tags Australia and Censorship, especially the latest one on that theme) it's more the sensation of the annoying hand of the Nanny State. In the UK you've got that AND the dead eyes of the Surveillance State on your back all the time. And possibly their boot on your throat before long, if not already in some cases.

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