Things I still don’t get about Australia – No. 8

Competitive swimming. It’s an Aussie obsession in the way that athletics, er, isn’t. Sure, there was plenty of attention on both during the Olympics but since then I’ve seen various Aussie swimmers advertising different products, but none of the athletes who made news in Beijing. But that’s not what I really don’t get. That’s just like being keener on Rugby League than Rugby Union. No, it’s that swimming is such a big deal that the arguments over high tech swim suits are in the news, and I don’t understand the controversy. Why don’t they all just use the same suits and then everyone’s even again? Some people are saying that using these high tech suits is just like cheating by using drugs, but surely that’s bollocks. Drugs come with downsides so those sports people who don’t want to risk their health hand an advantage to drug cheats, but a swim suit is something you take off again after you’ve finished. At a push I can see why holders of old records might take a little dent to the ego when it falls to someone wearing a clever suit, but is that really worse than seeing it taken by someone who’s just better? Let everyone use the new suits. I just don’t get why it’s an issue.

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