Things I Still Don’t Get About Australia – No. 1

This may be the beginning of an occasional series, or may be the result of incoherent Saturday morning thoughts and will never be spoken of again.

Something I still don’t get about Australia is teabags with strings on. I mean, why? I can think of only one other commonly used product that has a short length of string on, and in that case it’s quite obvious that the string is necessary to get it out again. Without going into too much detail it seems to make sense that a string is there instead of expecting the users to rummage around with a teaspoon. But for the purposes of brewing a cuppa a teaspoon is perfectly adequate to fish the teabags out of the mug, and since plenty of people take milk, sugar or both they’re going to get a teaspoon out to stir it anyway. So why have a string on the teabag when it mostly won’t even save the trouble, such as it is, of rinsing a teaspoon? I know some upmarket brands in the UK do it and fair enough even though it doesn’t make any more sense for pricey tea, even if hoteliers have somehow got the strange idea that it looks good on the fake wood tray by the kettle in the complimentary tea and coffee making facilities. But in Australia it seems that every teabag has a string on whether it’s Twinings extra mellifluous or regular Tetleys. A normal round or square teabag just doesn’t seem to exist here, or is at least comparatively rare. Why is that?
It’s no big deal and it’s not a whinge because it doesn’t irritate me even slightly. I just don’t quite understand it, that’s all.

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  1. >Even worse, given that at the end of the string is just a flimsy bit of cardboard as a weight, when a cupful of boiling water is poured on it, that useually results in the string flipping up and disappearing into the cup.For god’s sake, manufacturers, put a lump of lead there or something!

  2. Ah, yes. I meant to mention that problem. And can it be solved by sticking the tag under the bottom of the mug? Of course not, the twats don’t make the string long enough. Maaaah.

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